How to Make Giant Paper Flowers to Decorate Your Event

There are giant paper flowers that steal your breath with its beauty (and its size!) Simple step by step to make your own and decorate your event!

Today we will teach you how to make giant paper flowers and we will bring you a pile of ideas to use in your event.

From the wedding bouquet to the reception decoration, these giant paper flowers will impress your guests. And they will help you save on your wedding!

We will see two step by step to make the giant paper flowers with cardboard: with petals and rolled up. Once you master these techniques, we know that you can create new flowers with absolutely dreamed designs.

Awesome Ideas to Decorate Your Event with Giant Paper Flowers

First, we show you some of the ideas to incorporate giant paper flowers into your event. The tutorials are below. And even more ideas after step by step.

When performing these crafts, do not worry if the petals are not the same or if there is any imperfection. The flowers in nature are not perfect and will look much more realistic.

Simple Step by Step to Make Rolled and Simple Paper Flowers

If there is something that brides are looking for, they are easy to make wedding crafts. These are the simplest flowers to assemble. You don’t need templates, just colored cardboard, scissors and glue. While the flower is bigger, it is better to use a glue gun to apply the glue, it will be more maneuverable and will hold the flower better.

Have you already chosen your colors? Let’s go step by step.

  1. Take one of the cards and cut the corners so that it is rounded or oval.
  2. Start cutting a strip as you peel an orange or apple making the strip wider and wider until you reach the center of the circle.
  3. Roll up the cardboard starting at the outside corner. The tighter the better. We will release it later.
  4. Once you have the roll, put glue on the base, let the flower open a little and keep pressure until the glue is fixed.

Wonderful! You already have the first flower. For more variety, you can use scissors with decorative borders, cards with the motifs of your liking and you can even paste a pearl in the center of the flower. Mix flowers of different sizes for a stunning floral arrangement.

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers: A DIY Done and Right

The beauty of these flowers is their 3-D effect and it is easier to assemble giant flowers than with the previous method. Its size will depend on the size of its petals. Armed with the same materials as in the previous tutorial? This step by step is a little longer but guide yourself with the text and photos and you will see how beautiful they look.

Petal sizes large: 25.3cm x 18.50cm Medium: 23.5cm x 16.50cm Small 21cm x 15cm.

  1. Armed with your templates (if you do not dare to do these by hand, you can get some on Etsy), outline and cut 6 large, 6 medium and 6 small petals with scissors. You can cut from several sheets at a time.
  2. Now draw a line at the bottom of the petal, right in the middle of 3 inches long.
  3. Cut a groove over the line with straight scissors.
  4. Overlap and paste the flaps you just created for each petal. It serves to give the 3-D effect to the cardboard. For smaller petals, overlap the corners at a sharper angle to give it more shape. The larger ones have a less 3-D effect, do not enclose the edges of the groove so much on themselves.
  5. Take a pencil and gently roll up the top of the petal to shape it.
  6. Glue the smaller central petals on a cardboard circle. Repeat with the medium-sized petals and again with the larger ones.
  7. Mount the three circles of petals and adhere them with glue or with the glue gun.
  8. To make the central pistils, fold a cardboard sheet in two, and cut it. Fold it both again, and cut fringes.
  9. Roll up the fringes on themselves, add the other half and rewind to make it more volume. Paste it and open the pistils by hand.
  10. Adhere it in the center of the flower on the base cardboard.

Some Additional Tips for Making Paper Flowers

To assemble your templates, create 3 petal patterns: large, medium and small. Think of the shapes of the heart, make them wide and not too long. You can use a stronger material such as cardboard to make your patterns last longer, but you can use cardboard paper.

A variant of step 6 is to start with the largest petals and once the first circle is finished, paste the medium ones over the large ones one by one. And you repeat with the little ones.