10 hairstyles that give a girl a provincial, and what to replace them

A provincial is a label that is associated not only with the origin of a person but also with his appearance. Even the most thoughtful image can spoil such a trifle as an invisible or incorrectly made tail.

1. Scythe

If your age is 12+, the braids will look extremely inappropriate: they will add infantilism and childishness. Do not want to give upbraided hair? As an alternative to the usual pigtails, you can choose their more elegant options: French, “spikelet”, tow, “waterfall”, etc.

2. Tail with elastic fabric

Volumetric fabric elastic almost the main identifier of the provincials in the movies. Naive look, tail to the waist and blue rubber band – familiar? Stylist Dina Scherer (Dina Scherer), the owner of the agency for the selection of individual style in New York Modnitsa Styling, advises being more careful with such accessories. As Carrie Bradshaw used to say in “Sex and the City”, “a fabric elastic is only relevant in the bathroom.”

What to replace? Fine rubber band, matched to the hair. If it still stands out too much, then you can take the lower strand of hair, twist it onto an elastic band and fix it.

3. High beam with roller

When life hacking with a roller just appeared, it quickly became a trend. But just as quickly ceased to be. The bundle on the top looks too smooth and correct, and if you have thick and long hair, it turns out not a bun, but a “second head”. Do not like to walk with her hair? Stylists advise paying attention to the natural, slightly sloppy bunches.

4. Hair, collected hairpin, “crab”

“Krabi” perfectly rescues when you need to hastily collect disheveled hair before a shower or cleaning. But to exit even just to the store, choose something more stylish and elegant.

5. Curly hair + straight bangs

This combination can be found so far at graduation, corporate events, and family celebrations. It looks like parts of two different hairstyles. An alternative to curls will be light natural waves.

6. The effect of wet hair

This reception is already out of fashion. Of course, you can make a slight effect of wet hair, if you are going to a party, but do not overdo it with styling products. Excessive gel on the hair will create the appearance of greasy hair. Well, in the office, “wet hair” is generally irrelevant.

7. The tail on the nape with a smooth comb

Two types of tail look stylish: high and low. The tail on the back of your head is an intermediate option that will not only turn you into a provincial but also create the effect of sparse and dirty hair.

If you have difficulties with a high tail, then you should make a low one. You can collect it in a sloppy bundle, it will make the image light and feminine. Do not forget to add volume at the crown, so that it does not seem that you have fatty roots.

8. Visible invisible

The task of the invisible being is to imperceptibly fix the loose strands, you should not see them. Experts advise the use of stealth in two ways:

  • pick up an accessory to match your hair and hide it under them;
  • buy bright or elegant stealth and use them as the main decoration (just do not overdo it with their number).

9. Bust with hairspray

Hard curls that are not afraid of any wind – one of the signs of a provincial. He gives out that you tried very hard, “fit” and want to please everyone. Stylists are advised to choose the most natural hairstyles – your efforts should not be visible.

10. Acid Ombre with a clear boundary.

Ombre staining implies a smooth transition from one color to another. This wizard uses several intermediate shades. An even and clear border is obtained if: