6 cosmetic life hacks that are brilliant and insane at the same time

To be beautiful and well-groomed, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or time. Some techniques will help you put yourself in order and at the same time leave the extra half an hour for a family or for watching your favorite series.

Life hacking number 1: How to carefully paint over the corners of the lips

To prevent lipstick from smearing at the corners of the lips, squeeze a cotton swab between your teeth. In this position, says the blogger in this video, it is much more convenient to draw lips.

Life hacking No. 2: What to do if your favorite lip gloss has ended or your mascara has dried up

Bottle with glitter or mascara drop in a bowl of hot water (but not with boiling water!) For 3 minutes. After that, paint the lips or eyes, as usual. You can see how this happens here.

Life hacking number 3: Make an ombre on the lips

To achieve the effect of ombre on the lips, you need a concealer, a cotton swab, and a napkin. Lipstick is applied to the lips that have been painted over with a cotton swab and is tinted, as in this video.

Life hacking number 4: How to apply waterproof mascara so that it can be easily removed

Many girls know how poorly waterproof mascara is removed. But if you are afraid that the usual will flow, will leave traces or will blur, then use the following trick: apply non-waterproof mascara and, until it dries, paint the eyelashes with two more layers of waterproof mascara. Thanks to this technique, eye makeup will be persistent, but it will be much easier to remove it.

Life hacking number 5: How to quickly wash makeup brushes

Probably everyone already knows that you need to wash makeup brushes at least once a  week (and ideally after each use). However, this tedious exercise you always want to postpone.

But it turns out that to quickly and easily wash the brushes, it is enough to use liquid soap diluted in water and a small strainer. Read more here.

Life hacking number 6: A simple way to cope with the bald patch on the eyebrows

If bald spots appeared on the eyebrows after the correction, the next life hack will come in handy. False eyelashes are cut along the length of hairs, mixed with non-toxic glue and gently glued with a brush

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