How beautiful to lace up sneakers or sneakers

How beautiful lace-up sneakers or sneakers

Everybody knows from childhood how to lace up shoes: a cross-bow with two loops- “bunny ears”. But it turns out that the textbook scheme is far from the only one. How else can you fashionably, stylishly and effectively “bog down” your favorite shoe, shoe or sneaker? It turns out that there are so many ways and schemes that it is easy to get confused. We will show the most simple, and the most popular, and the most complex, and the most extravagant. The choice is yours!

Tip: read our step-by-step instructions carefully and study the attached diagrams. Otherwise, you have to unlink and start over.


The simplest technique. So traditionally, the laces are knitted on almost any shoe pair: we just cross it, as if we knit a shoelace.

We pass the string into the lower pair from the inside-out, install straight ends.

And then we sequentially weave the tip (end) of the lace from the inside to the outside, moving crosswise upwards. At the exit, we twist a bow with two loops. 

TIP: Try to lace up the right and left sneakers mirror.

“Mirror Zigzag”

The same scheme, with the only difference that we start from outside to inside and wind up the cord outside or inside, depending on where it came out.


Very original, catchy and uncomplicated way.

 Let’s go: we thread the ends of the lace into the hole from the inside and out and begin to weave as shown in the picture – the yellow end makes a horizontal step in the hole opposite, and the blue one goes diagonally through one hole. Then the action is repeated in reverse order: the blue end builds a step, and the yellow one makes a diagonal. The result is a fancy braided line.

TIP: all ends are inserted from the inside out

“Magic ladder”, or “smooth” way

This scheme works on a ked/sneaker with an even number of cord holes.

Although if your shoes are with an odd number, do not worry, just do not stick into the topmost pair of holes. The peculiarity of this method is that all the weaving is carried on inside, and only a level neat ladder is visible from the outside in a “magic” way. We refuel the outside-inside ends and move upwards not diagonally to meet them, as before, but upwards and through one ring on each side, threading the ends of the lace from the inside to the outside and the ladder opposite.

Simple straight lacing

A variant of the previous scheme

We thread one end into the lower-left hole from outside to inside and pull it along our side to the top hole and pull it from the inside to outside.

With the other end, we pass from the inside-out all the other holes.

An original and simple way to create a neat look for your lacing.

“Open staircase, or forest walk”