Ideas to recycle with old magazines

What can we do with old magazines after use? Put them in a bin to recycle them? If you are a person who likes to reinvent himself every day and try to create unique things, then you are on my side! Today we present several ideas on how to recycle magazines in an original way. The ideas are simple, but design, and would be perfect in a modern environment.

 It is remarkable how many different pieces of art can be developed using ordinary strips of glossy magazine pages of great effect. From paper clocks and pencil boxes, photo frames, and jewelry pieces, colorful magazines can be transformed into very interesting decorative objects. What I like most about this type of crafts and crafts with magazines is that they are free or low or no cost. This paper house light from Hutch Studio is so innovative and inspiring! I think I have to do it. A colorful frame for the mirror Fold the pages of an accordion-shaped catalog, and then paste them on a wooden disk! A bag Pieces stick together to create a rainbow effect.