What to paint with acrylics – 6 ideas

You would be happy to start painting with acrylic. You already have a canvas, brushes, and paints. But what should you draw? We have a lot of simple drawing ideas to get you started! 
Choosing a subject can be difficult, especially for newcomers to acrylic painting who want to enhance their skills. That is why we share our favorite ideas of easy painting, which inspire, but they are not so complex that they will be discouraged. 

Ideas to start drawing acrylic


Flowers are a great theme for newcomers to acrylic painting. First, it is an accessible object, the flower is easy to get, even if it is artificial and dyed. 
In addition, drawing flowers can help you grow as an artist. You might start by creating simple flower shapes, then you can move on to mixing flower variations and creating additional shades in your bouquets. Before you know it, you can create beautiful, realistic flower paintings.  


Silhouettes, especially those inspired by nature, can be an inspiring way to develop your acrylic painting skills. In the picture above, artistic splashes give the background some interest, and then a sharp silhouette of a cat appears to the foreground. 
You can make your silhouette as beautiful and simple or as complex as you like. For example, you can create a bright and atmospheric background. Or you can choose a more detailed object for the silhouette. Thus, you can vary the level of difficulty. 

Still life

It may seem that still-life paintings are the best that remains of the masters of the 18th century, but this style is available even to beginners, indeed! 
Creating a still life is based on drawing the main forms in different colors and perspectives. If you can draw simple shapes and understand light-shadow, you are on the way to a picture of a successful still life.

3D volumetric figures

If the occupation of real objects in still lifes seems too high a goal, you can start by drawing simple shapes. This simple idea of ​​drawing can be the impetus for the transition to more complex compositions of still life. 
In the above picture, the artist investigated the shape, tone, and depth using a monochromatic palette. This is a great way to start learning the language of form and volume and how to create it with different color variations.  


Stencils are great for painting with acrylics and they can help you gain confidence in creating lightweight acrylic paintings. And with so many available forms and design solutions, even beginners can experiment and create new compositions. 
But do not think that the stencil will somehow advance you in the skills of drawing with acrylics. You can easily make a template to do it yourself! Attach a stencil to the entire canvas with a geometric shape, and then paint it with acrylic, resulting in an abstract splash of color. As soon as the paint is dry, you can remove the stencil, and the areas covered with the stencil will remain white, which will lead to amazing modern painting. 


The best way to decorate a painting is to mix colors. It’s really easy, whether you create realistic, pictorial compositions of objects or draw abstract, non-representative art. 
Abstract art can be an easy way to start painting and having fun. How to do it? You just put the paint on the paper and experiment, mixing different colors. Think you are Jackson Pollock and throw paint on the canvas. 
Abstract art is a simple way to start working with acrylic because it is a stressless, experimental way to create a painting. Perhaps you will draw a line of paint on the canvas and brush it with a finger or a dry brush to create a fascinating gradient. Your first attempt may not seem as exquisite as the magical landscape above, but you will definitely have fun.