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10 Extraordinary Facts about Things That Seem Too Insane To Be True

Science is never boring. The problem is that we have been dogged down by science homework, science tests and the stress of a science curriculum in school that some almost detest it. However, science governs the entire universe and our very existence. Science can also be crazy at times like for example did you know coconut water can also be fed intravenously? And, the Mona Lisa actually had eyebrows. There are so many incredible science facts that will surprise you no end and some are downright insane and crazy to the point that no one will even believe them yet they are true. Here are 16 of them.

1. The coldest place in the entire Universe is actually on Earth

Yes, in case you thought it was Pluto or some distant star.It’s not even the South Pole, Siberia, Dras, Iceland or any country for that matter.When Scientists froze atoms with a laser, they managed to acquire a temperature that was close to absolute zero.

2. By getting rid of the empty space in atoms, all of humanity would fit in an apple

Yes, that’s right. Did you know that an atom is actually 99.9% empty space and that every atom in our body is empty space, but why do things feel solid? That is because of the electrons in atoms that are constantly dancing around and when the atoms of our fingers come in contact with the atoms of an object the resistance of energy is what gives the appearance of something solid.

By getting rid of the empty space in atoms

3. If the Universe had a taste, it would taste like raspberry

Yes. What’s weird is that the same chemical compounds that are present in raspberry and responsible for its taste is present in abundance across the entire universe.Thus if you could taste the universe, it would taste like a raspberry.

4. One of the slipperiest substances in the world is in your knees

Yes, the lubricant in your knee joints is called synovial fluid and is mainly made up of chronically acid which is a gel-like substance that lubricates our joints and is also responsible for skin elasticity and skin health.

5. The biggest living organism in the world

The largest living organism in the world is the Armillaria Tolstoy which can be found growing in Malheur, Oregon, US.It is more than 2,174 acres in size and is almost 2,400 years old.It is a type of species of pathogenic plant fungus.

6. A squid’s brain looks like a bagel

Yes, the brain of a squid has a bagel like shape because of the nature and design of its digestive system.The food that it consumes has to go through its brains first and thus the bagel design helps it to keep its brain intact when eating large pieces of food.

7. A flea is faster than a space shuttle

A flea has a pickup speed faster than the space shuttle accelerating at 3.14 inches per millisecond.This means that the acceleration of a flea is faster than that of a spaceship.

8. The Human lungs have the same surface area as a tennis court

The human lungs have a huge surface area that also consists of 30 million bronchi which could cover 180m2. That is roughly the size of a tennis court.The large surface area is necessary to supply our bodies with oxygen where air intake needs to be at the speed of 160 liters per hour.\

9. Archer fish can recognize people’s faces

Archer-fish are more than you thought they could be. They can recognize human faces which was proved in research at Oxford University. Their facial recognition capacity and accuracy was more than 80%.

10. The height of The Eiffel Tower changes in summer and winter

As weird as it sounds, the Eiffel tower changes in height depending on the season.This is because it is made of metal and increases by 5.9 inches in summer when it is hot due to the expansion of metal.

The height of The Eiffel Tower

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