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10 Interesting Psychological Facts About Yourself That will Surprise You

We all like knowing facts about ourselves. What we don’t realize is that there is more to our subconscious mind that we know or care to know. In fact, there is more information trapped in our subconscious mind than our conscious mind and it is because of this aspect of us that we tend to act, speak, think and behave in the way that we do which is influenced by the unseen aspects of our personality. This sometimes makes us wonder why we behave in such ways at all. It is because that is who we really are. Instead of reading useless facts about other stuff, here are some pretty interesting facts about yourself that are shocking and surprising.

1.Your mind wanders 30% of the time

You may not realize this but your mind does wander even when you don’t wish it to.Many of us like to think that we are in full mental control of ourselves but if that were true then there wouldn’t be certain emotions especially the negative ones that tend to overwhelm us more than we would like them to.We may even experience a wave of positive when we least expect it.

2. Let it wander, it’s good for you

We do not have full control of ourselves which isn’t entirely a bad thing.While one part of your brain pays attention to what you are supposed to be doing, there is the other part that is occupied with something else which gives you those particular thoughts lingering at the back of the brain feeling.Sometimes such diversions in your brain could even spark of ideas that you never even realized you had earlier or it could think up plans and solutions for things.If your mind wanders, let it do so because it is a good thing.

3. We spend more money when not talking about it or mentioning it

As long as we keep seeing dollar signs and keep hearing about the word money, it triggers some sense of anxiety because of the expense.If the same thing is expressed differently without such words that trigger the expression of money, we would easily start spending at a store.When we see words like “best buy” Good bargain” “great bargain” etc, we find it less stressful.

4. You are not being social on social networking

Socializing can never be virtual; it requires human interaction in person.Thus you are actually tricking yourself into a game of make-believe where you think you are being social and your brain plays along.What you are actually doing is interacting from behind a screen with others also hiding behind their screens.

5. The first one on the list is always the best one

Regardless of what this is, be it answers to a quiz, a riddle, a voting booth, an FB page or a search on Google, the dessert menu, the first is always the best and enjoys first preference.We will take it without much of a thought because that’s how our minds work.

6. Stress takes the quality performance out of you

This goes without saying that stress impedes the performance of anybody and will not allow anyone to perform to the best of their abilities. However, there are many in this category who somehow think that they can put that stress behind them at work or while doing something important.

No one can because it will interfere in ways that you may not realize and then question your own mistakes. You just won’t be able to perform your best when stressed out.

7. We like bite-size pieces of info

Yes, we like small bits of info but not more than 3 or 4.If you get more than that, you would just lose it.If you get less than that, your mind will crave for more.Our minds like learning and knowing things but only bite-size proportions at a time.Our minds are not good at information overload just like computers and neither is the lack of information a friendly prospect to our brains because our brains need stimulation.

We need to and want to know things all the time.

8. Our old way of thinking takes over a lot

We love to think that we have changed in our ways of thinking and have new perspectives on things that may be from years ago but still in our memories and which surface time to time. Actually, that’s not true.

You may try to convince yourself that you prefer the new phone in the market but there is a part of you that is drawn to the older one because of the attachment to your brain that holds it dearer than anything else. The saying “old is gold’ is entrenched in our psyche. Incidentally, The Queen of England has used variations of the same bag for the last 60 years, she never changes her bag.

9. Regardless of your intuition or what’s in your mind, it is ultimately your mood that influences whether to trust something or not

We always talk about gut feeling and state that we are open to following it but that isn’t always the case.When you are out shopping with family or friends, it will be your mood that dictates your purchase.If your mood is good, you will trust your gut, if not, you’ll analyze and decide and ask a lot of questions before purchasing something.

10. The anxiety and reaction you have when you lose your phone is comparable to having a near death experience

A phone to many is like a lifeline to the world. It is, in fact, our contact to our own universe. Without our phones, we would be lost and it would induce a feeling of anxiety, fear and the feeling of not being able to call for help or connected to people. We are nothing without our phones and totally lose it.

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