10 Stunning Photos from the National Geographic Photography Contest

National Geographic has been one of the most popular names in the world. We all remember getting our first knowledge about wildlife from Nat-Geo channels and magazines. It is one of the most loved platforms for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. They are well-known for posting some gorgeous photographs on their Instagram account.
They were also the first brand in Instagram history to reach 100 million followers. To celebrate this, they decided to host a 24-hour photography contest. They received more than 94,000 entries in a day! They chose 10 of the most stunning ones and let their followers decide who would win. We have compiled some of the most gorgeous ones.

1. Hold The Sun

We can see that it shows a deer or a stag.The setting sun is positioned perfectly and is being cradled by the antlers.The location is Bushy Park, in Richmond upon Thames.The simple picture with only two components is absolutely stunning.

2. Amidst Nature

Bosch Vertical or Vertical Towers is a residential building in the Porta Nuova district of Milan, Italy.We all live busy lives and our cities are full of pollution.This seems like the absolute best way to imbibe nature into our busy urban lives.

3. A whole new world

It is nothing but the ocean floor, a diver and a stingray.He revealed himself that he had to struggle with rough waves, low visibility, and strong currents to click this picture, which is nothing short of a work of art.

4. Fishy business

Black bears are omnivores who greatly depend on salmon and other protein-rich fishes to build up their reserves.This must be done before they hibernate in the winter.While bears are vicious hunters, there is something vulnerable about this bear, trying to gather as much food as it can.

5. Nature’s sculpture

He revealed that if one looks closely enough strange shapes can be seen in the layers carved into these canyons.No one knows how this gorgeous formation was created.

6. Mad Max in an alternate universe?

This was taken on Lineman Beach in Rio DE Janine. The photographer recalled that the sea was extremely rough and the undertow was strong and bathers did not want to take a risk.This looks like a post-apocalyptic world and is surreal.

7. Painted

The colors are so vibrant and beautiful that it looks too perfect to be real.Galas are a species of cockatoo that search the Western Australia Outback for water from waterholes.

8. Three seasons

This picture is absolutely stunning and looks like three seasons at the same time.In the middle, towards the left, we can see the summery plains and the lush green trees.In the right corner, we can see the beautiful autumn trees with just a hint of red.

9. Morgan Freeman is a fisherman?

No, this is not him, and this is not a shot from a movie.This picture looks unreal because the diver does not have any gear.However, he looks aged and experienced and is definitely extremely skilled.

10. Dream on

The boy in the photo is most probably poor but is still looking at the airplane above him.The environment around him is simple and nothing too flashy.Perhaps he is wondering how the plane works, or he wants to become a pilot, or simply wants to be in one.

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