12 Weird Designers Fails That Defy Human Logic and Destroy Common Sense

Architecture can be beautiful and it is a pleasure to watch some beautiful buildings that are works of art dotting city’s skyline where some even become iconic landmarks of the city. But just as there is good architecture, there is also bad architecture resulting from poor planning and designer fails. Yet people went ahead with them which clearly shows the defects were noticed only lately on and the supervisors or main people responsible may have been stoned not to see their designs be manifested into something downright weird as you can see in these pictures of the weirdest designer fails that defy all logic and common sense.

1. Architectural protocols be damned

Forget about architectural protocols, this building obviously in some developing country looks like it has been made with no protocols whatsoever and has been put together by people with warped knowledge of building and masonry just to save a fast buck. Moreover, one won’t be surprised if they have hired workers who may have been reading the crude drawing plans for the structure upside down.

2. Weird barbershop

Clearly, the architect who designed this had the least inkling of what really occurs in a barber shop. Perhaps he felt the falling hair just floats into some invisible containers. Suited more to a porch or garden, this design with stones in a little drainage type of structure is going to get on the worker’s nerves when they have to keep removing the hair lodged in them.

3. Stairway to nowhere

Speak about a stairway to heaven; this is a ramp and a stairway that lead nowhere. Perhaps the architect suffers from dementia and forgot to draw a destination for the ramp or the stairway because once you look at this, you will clearly realize, you are just going to be walking in circles. This is totally weird, and actually a waste of money or a practical joke.

4. Common sense doesn’t prevail here

Well, at first glance everything seems to be ok here and that looks a swanky clean toilet. However, here’s the bummer, why would two people want to take a poop looking at each other which means there is no need for two commodes. Moreover, there is only one toilet paper holder on the right, so no one is ever going to use the left. There should clearly be a wall in between.

5. No rules here

The owner of this building seems to be oblivious of the fact that your house can and should not extended over a thoroughfare but it seems he is either some mafia don or he cares two hoots about rules. And moreover, when you have gone and extended your structure so much, why not just build another room.

6. Ignorant architecture

Look at the picture carefully? Is it worth having a door there with a lock when someone can easily jump over that banister or step rail? Perhaps it was designed by a man who has no idea what he is doing or it didn’t even strike him that this is stupid and a huge waste of money. The wall could have been extended for the security or the door simply removed as it’s useless in that position.

7. Funny bus design

Well perhaps this could be regarded as an attempt to make a comical illusion but if it was an accidental design fail, then it certainly will have comical results because of the baby’s face on the window. Imagine the scene when the windows are open. It would be hilarious.

8. Nonsensical trashcan

There are many trashcans that have two separate compartments for wet trash and dry trash.There are also those which have separate sections for recycled trash and that which will go o a landfill.Well on the surface this seems to be like one of those cans but is just for show, because as you can see, everything goes into the same place.

9. Double stairs

The metal contraption doesn’t really look like an escalator.If it was it would be a genius invention of space saving by integrating an escalator and stairs together although the steps don’t have enough room.But since it’s not an escalator, it seems a sheer waste of money trying to make a staircase look futuristic but with no real functionality or purpose except for shortening the stair climb by a little bit.

10. Engineering fail

Now, this is something you don’t see every day and could be for a number of reason. Either the engineer read the plans upside down or he was stoned because how on earth is that little ground floor structure going to withstand the tension form the larger one above. Or, it could just be an engineering marvel with good use of very strong fabrication that is designed to hold up the entire building. Only time will tell.

11. They ran out of space and paint

Now isn’t this hilarious. When you paint road signs, you need to get your dimensions and measurements of your font right and know how big they should be to integrate them into the right space. Clearly this painter wasn’t thinking everything through and in the end though to hell with it, just a small “p” will do and by the way, that seems to be written in chalk.

12. Lord of the rings fan

Well, this owner seems to have an obsession with fantasy. It seems as if when you want to build an evil lair like in some fantasy epic and there aren’t any mountains around, this is the best you can do right? It looks hideous though and the house itself seems to have some evil personality of its own.

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