8 Lucky People Who Found Some Interesting but Really Unexpected Things

In life we come across a lot of surprises, many of which can be important because of the things we discover.There are a lot of people who find things walking on the beach, in their own backyard and even in some park or field.Some have been lucky enough to find some incredible artifacts, some have found curios, and some have found even animals.But what is even remarkable is that some have found antiques worth fortunes as you will see here in these images.So here are 15 people who have been lucky enough to find something unexpected.

1. Glass ball as part of eco system

This glass ball has been lying in the ocean for so long that it has marine growths on it.This was found by a man and his wife while taking a stroll on a beach in Hawaii.The ball had become part of the ecosystem complete with corals on it.

2. Ancient Sword

This little 8-year-old girl is really lucky but obviously, she may not have known or understood the immense value of this sword which she found near Lake Vidosten in Sweden.In fact, this sword dates back to the Iron Age and is estimated to be almost 1500 years old.It is also the first time ever that this type of sword has been discovered in all of Scandinavia.

3. Quartz Worth Million

You may have found this picture circulated on the net.Yes it is not a fake one but the man standing next to this giant quartz is Ron Coleman of Ron Coleman Mines in Jessieville, 30 minutes from Hot.After researching the possibility of a huge quartz vein in the mine, this enormous piece was excavated measuring 8 feet and weighing 2000 pounds.

4. The old diary

A Redditor posted what his friend had found in a recycling facility. It was an old diary from 1941. This is what usually happens when people in a bid to throw away their stuff or clean out their attic end up throwing away heirlooms instead. The contents of the diary are pretty interesting too as you can see. It is a schoolboy’s diary complete with warplanes, journal entries and even a King George stamp.

5. Old calculator

This man posted that he found this really old calculator in an attic which belonged to his grandmother.By the looks of it you can make out it must be two centuries old.It is a pointer type calculator and called a magic brain calculator which is what is mentioned on the instructions.

6. Message in a bottle

Several people have found this type of relic which washes up on beaches.Some may have been intentionally created by pranksters while others are of significant historical value like this one.Till date the oldest message in a bottle found by a family on an Australian beach.

7. Surprising seashells

Seashells are a common feature on the beach although sometimes you can find really beautiful ones like this one which had squid eggs inside it. One wonders what the person who found it did with the squid eggs. Did they allow them to hatch or had a good meal of it.

8. The giant pearl

This gigantic pearl was kept hidden by a fisherman in his home in Phillipines.He revealed it in 2016 after 10 years and was shocked at the fortune he was sitting on.The giant pearl was so valuable that it weighed 34 kg, and 2 feet long.It is regarded as the world’s largest natural pearl ever found and was formed in a giant clam.The estimated value of the pearl was fixed at US $ 100 million.

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