Psychological Hacks and Tips to Gain Confidence

It’s a sad fact of life that confidence is something which we all are not inherently built with when we are born. Some have a large dose of it while some have none. Low confidence can seriously dent any plans of advancement in love, education, career or life in general. Therefore, we see so many institutes claiming to train you to give an ounce of confidence for a high price which in all honesty can be developed by yourself free of cost at any time. Here are some tips from the best psychologists all across the globe which would guide you to be confident and self-assured young thing as you are supposed to be.

1. Learn to accept compliments

You are lucky that you have friends and well-wishers around you who appreciate you both physically as well as your personality. So, when they truly compliment you accept it with gratitude and thank them for their kindness. Also, remember never to downplay a compliment which would not only hurt your friend thinking you do not value their opinions about you but also would do you no Do not presume the other person is making a sarcastic comment or just flirting with you but contemplate about the possibility that you have many attributes which are seriously.

2.Don’t try to be perfect

The pursuit of being perfect at home or work is sure way to your doom. No one is perfect in this world and neither should you try to be one. Granted you do have a tight schedule at work and a lot of responsibility at home but the world is not going to come to a standstill if you

take a break and relax with your chums or loved ones for a while before you start off with your duties with a fresh mind and attitude. So instead of giving in to anxiety which is a direct result of low confidence, be a strong-willed person who has the confidence to manage all her responsibility competently.

3. Learn to maintain eye contact during a conversation

Eye contact means that you are confident, transparent and honest at your dealings with the world at large. So, whether you are on a date or in a board meeting, shifty-eyed people are always looked on with suspicion.

When you are a highly competitive and competent person with great attributes and skills, there is no reason for you to avoid eye contact but make a great impression on your audience by looking at them straight in their eyes and talking confidently. Trust me at the end of the day the deal would be yours or the boyfriend (whichever is the case…that evening).

4. Keep your back straight and change the way you walk

This kind of body language sends a positive signal to the world as well as uplifts your morale and confidence levels as well


5. Exclude negative thoughts

The biggest poison which eats up your morale and confidence is negative self-talk and bad inner dialogue which pulls you down before you even appear for the challenge.

It’s about time that you banish these toxic thoughts.

6. Notice the moment when you stop believing in yourself

If all you do is keep obsessing your mind with all the wrong things that have happened in the past or the potential accidents that may or may not happen to you in the future you would always be anxious, depressed and your confidence level would be below the ground. Instead, forget about the bad past and stop dwelling on them and always strive and move forward with an optimistic eye, and you will notice your confidence is pushing.

7. Mark your achievements

People have the habit of wallowing in their failures no matter how small or insignificant they are in a long run but forget to celebrate their many daily victories and

One must keep a diary in which make a list of all the small or big things you achieved today, which could be cooking a complete meal from scratch When you are feeling down read these daily accomplishments and feel your confidence soaring high.

8. Think about the ideal “you.”

Whenever you are in a bind think, what would your ultra-confident avatar do at this situation? Maybe something to daring or risky comes into your mind, but at least it’s a good sign. Keeping that in mind, start small and move forward with your idea or your project steadily. And lo and behold you would have accomplished it before you even realized it!

9. Talk to strangers

Try to visit events where people are unknown to you and then act out the role of confident person. You don’t have to be the center of attention because it may not be easy in front of strangers. Later on however, you will feel more confident. Moreover, talk to strangers in everyday life but if this doesn’t not work for you and it makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t do it.

10. Spend less time on social media

The biggest problem with social media is that in trying to compare photos with others, it can create a sense of low self-esteem because social media is like a forum.


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