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Did you know, Guinness records even have a record for highest divorce rates, that’s how common divorce is in the world today. The problem with new age marriages is such that no one really cares about what happens to children. The record, of course, is held by the Maldives but many other countries don’t lag […]

Humans have kept nature under control with deforestation and the concrete jungles we call cities but little do we know that nature is way more powerful than us. The earth is like a living organism and the plants and animals we see is like its skin. No matter what we do, the planet will heal […]

While reaching forty shouldn’t really be a big deal because it is still a very young age, many people are intimidated by the midlife crisis.If you are healthy, then forty isn’t much of concern but for many, you will need to make some lifestyle changes because your body isn’t going to bear up with the […]

You have probably never even considered getting vaccinated as an adult. What you may have taken as a child must have been regarded as only necessary and that’s it. But have you even considered the flu vaccine? Probably not, but because of a new understanding of immunity and because there are new vaccines available, your […]

It’s a sad fact of life that confidence is something which we all are not inherently built with when we are born. Some have a large dose of it while some have none. Low confidence can seriously dent any plans of advancement in love, education, career or life in general. Therefore, we see so many […]

In life we come across a lot of surprises, many of which can be important because of the things we discover.There are a lot of people who find things walking on the beach, in their own backyard and even in some park or field.Some have been lucky enough to find some incredible artifacts, some have […]

They always have to try and evolve with time to capture a larger fan base.A boring looking celebrity won’t have those many fans.Sometimes they have to change for a role in a movie or an event or a concert.But sometimes they change their appearance drastically to gain attention on social media and TV or in […]

You usually feel hungry after having a good session in the gym but this can be a problem and can cause you to binge eat, which makes it pointless to exercise. Moreover, there are those who suffer from various issues like hypothyroidism for instance that makes you hungry all the time. There are many who […]

Architecture can be beautiful and it is a pleasure to watch some beautiful buildings that are works of art dotting city’s skyline where some even become iconic landmarks of the city. But just as there is good architecture, there is also bad architecture resulting from poor planning and designer fails. Yet people went ahead with […]

It is necessary to learn basic first aid for everyone because you don’t really know when you could be facing an emergency yourself or because of someone else such as friend or family. The problem is that many feel that they may know certain first aid procedures but these could also be wrong. Administering incorrect […]

Even though there are diseases which may be fighting back against the new cures, still in other parts of the medical world, there are advances that give us reason In a first of its kind, the Cleveland Clinic has actually managed to successfully deliver a baby born to a woman who is a womb transplant […]

National Geographic has been one of the most popular names in the world. We all remember getting our first knowledge about wildlife from Nat-Geo channels and magazines. It is one of the most loved platforms for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. They are well-known for posting some gorgeous photographs on their Instagram account. They were also […]

We all like knowing facts about ourselves. What we don’t realize is that there is more to our subconscious mind that we know or care to know. In fact, there is more information trapped in our subconscious mind than our conscious mind and it is because of this aspect of us that we tend to […]

Without our gadgets and devices, we are totally helpless. There are hundreds and thousands of people in the world, especially the younger generation who may even have panic attacks without the cellphones or if there is no internet connection. What happens if you find yourself in the wild lost and when there is no modern […]

Science is never boring. The problem is that we have been dogged down by science homework, science tests and the stress of a science curriculum in school that some almost detest it. However, science governs the entire universe and our very existence. Science can also be crazy at times like for example did you know […]