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How beautiful lace-up sneakers or sneakers Everybody knows from childhood how to lace up shoes: a cross-bow with two loops- “bunny ears”. But it turns out that the textbook scheme is far from the only one. How else can you fashionably, stylishly and effectively “bog down” your favorite shoe, shoe or sneaker? It turns out that there are […]

A provincial is a label that is associated not only with the origin of a person but also with his appearance. Even the most thoughtful image can spoil such a trifle as an invisible or incorrectly made tail. 1. Scythe If your age is 12+, the braids will look extremely inappropriate: they will add infantilism […]

When you want beautiful nails, women and girls often choose a painting or the theme of flora and fauna for the design of fashionable manicure, most often it is floral prints. This article offers options for the most delicate and delightful nail design, painted with an emphasis on floral motifs. The especially delicate design looks […]

When the fall comes to knock on the door, we should get something to get fashionable and stay away from the cold. So what should we use in the fall? The scarf. The scarf is really useful and useful as the days get colder. It can be a decorative piece in our suits and it is also a […]

We have prepared a list of proposals for easy hairstyles for long hair with which, when the temperatures tighten, you can pick up your hair in style. The goal is to reduce the heat generated by the melanin, but with a ‘glam’ touch, more would be missing. What do you need? Hairbands, hairpins, pins, a bandana and, […]

In a bi-weekly series, wе’rе interviewing female executives, founders, CEOs—basically, boss ladies—on thеir one “power suit” a.k.a. thе outfit thеу wear еvеrу day fоr easy dressing tо conquer whаtеvеr thе job throws аt them. fertility iѕ a confusing, complicated topic tо decode, but San Francisco-based startup Modern Fertility’s goal iѕ tо close thе gap bеtwееn women […]